Rocke n Horse 
in New York
(413) 854-5120

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All riders must be over 8 years old and under 230 lbs. Riders must be in good physical condition and health and be able to comfortably sit and balance in the saddle

$50 basic ride  1-2 riders

no experience is needed.

A leisurely trail ride at Rocke n Horse.   Your ride includes an introduction and a quick, "how to" .  During your ride, we travel through wooded paths and fields   I will help you get settled in for a nice ride on your  new four legged friend! (for ages 8 and up/all riders must be under 230 lbs)

                                                  $60 intermediate ride  walk and trot .  in order to participate in this quicker paced ride, you must have ridden at least 10 times prior and know the basics confidently.