Rocke n Horse Farm
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Private One Hour Trail Ride 

$50 basic ride up to 4 riders

A leisurely trail ride at Rocke n Horse farm!.  We travel through wooded paths and a peaceful dirt road.   No experience needed.  I will help you get settled in for a nice ride on your  new four legged friend! (for ages 8 and up/all riders must be under 230 lbs)

$60 intermediate ride  walk and trot(2 rider max)

$75 advanced ride (2 rider max)  walk, trot and canter.  Rider  must be able to                                                        balance and keep your horse in control.  you must be able to keep a reasonable amount of                                              space between your horse and the horse in front of you.

               ******Discounted rates for our vacation guests (click on guest accommodations for more info*******

  Private ride at one of our state parks

  A fun ride at your pace and ability.  We start out by brushing horses and packing up truck and trailer.  Depending on our mood, we can trailer the horses up to 30 minutes to one of several state parks.   Riding time is typically 2 hours.

This ride is typically one rider.  However, I can accommodate 2 riders with extra notice $150/per person